These are recorded classes.

We offer classes for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CS Executive 2017 syllabus classes. CS Foundation and CA Final classes are on cards.

You must take Scanner Classes because:

  • These classes are highly content focused. Being content focused is critical factor in success. You will find many other recorded classes where the teacher will be talking much but less content is covered in given time which is never the case with Scanner Classes.
  • We have teachers whose classes covers the content in an easy-going manner which is good for all kind of students.
  • We cover the course before time leaving lots of time for practice.
  • As these are recorded classes, if you are short of time you can take classes in fast forward mode.
  • You are connected with your teacher on WhatsApp group all the time. You may clear your doubts by directly asking questions. The other benefit of being in this group is that the students studying at different centers of Scanner Classes all over India are connected through this group and are asking questions so your most of the doubts are cleared there.
  • You get a lots of practice questions online that plays important role in your success in examination.
  • You get solutions of questions given in the institute’s study material which is a kind of hand holding you get nowhere.
  • Mock test series makes you fully ready to take up the examination.
  • All the classes are updated with the latest changes in syllabus and amendments.
  • The teachers sometimes visit your center to clear your doubts face to face.

CA, CS, and CMA courses are run by their respective institutes. These institutes run the courses in distance education mode. They give you study material and some other support which students find insufficient to pass the exam. These courses are acknowledged as few of the toughest courses in the country. We provide classes, study material, practice questions, online support, mock tests, 24*7 doubt clearing with the teacher and much more to help students pass these examinations.

To reach each and every student who is aspiring to become CA, CS, or CMA, we are making classes available in two modes:

  • At our study centers in various cities of India. The benefit of this mode is that students get a group of students to interact face-to-face.
  • In Pen drives available on Scanner Classes website. The benefit is that it allows students to study as per their convenience. Students may study as per their preferred time, location, and speed.
We deliver you the classes in whichever mode you wish.

The MRP of CA Foundation all papers is ` 15000. CA Intermediate Group I is ` 25500 & CA Intermediate Group II is ` 35000. The price is negotiable keeping in view the place and mode of learning.

The MRP of complete package of CS Executive is 34,500. The price is negotiable keeping in view the place and mode.

The full form of CA is Chartered Accountant that signifies to the Professional member of a country's Institute Of Chartered Accountants. There are three stages in CA course:
1. CA Foundation
2. CA Intermediate 3. CA Final. Know the full details here.

The full form of CS is Company Secretary which signifies a professional placed on high position in private and public sector organizations. There are three stages covered under CS course:
1. Foundation Programme
2. Executive Programme
3. Professional Programme.

Download CA Foundation new syllabushere.

Click here to find the Study material of CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final.

You will be admitted to Foundation Examination, if:

  • You have registered on or before 30th June/31st December for the examination to be held in the month of November/May respectively, and
  • you have passed Senior Secondary (10+2) examination
  • You have paid examination fees, as may be fixed by the Council for Foundation Examination.

Along with Video lectures, you will get printed study material, access to online practice questions, and other online supporting material. You will also get mock tests and many other features like quick response to the queries through Phone call, WhatsApp, Video Call and Email.

Firstly we wish and put our shoulders to the wheel to ensure your success in the examination. If a student is not able to pass, we give good discounts to enroll in the next batch.

We give 5% additional discount if a group of people more than three buys together.

No. One needs to clear CA-IPCC or CA Intermediate to enroll for articleship. To start your articleship apply with ICAI by filling of form.

Both the forms 102 & 103 are mandatory to register for articleship. Form 102 is deed of articles and form 103 is statement or particulars. You may download form here.

It needs strong determination and hard work. One can clear CA Foundation in first attempt by clearing the concepts with expert teachers of Scanner Classes. Along with that consult study material provided by ICAI and do the practice from “Shuchita Scanner”. You should ensure practice from Scanner at least thrice before your examination.

If you feel passionate about it, if you are good with numbers, love doing accounting, auditing, tax, you are meant for it.

All the courses have their scope which depends on the competence to prove your expertise in the area. These courses require different aptitude & skill set. Though CA is evergreen degree, but it depends on your orientation and abilities towards this career.

You should send the hard copy to the branch or chapter for your area. For more clarity, you may communicate directly with ICAI student service by Clicking here.

Only thing to focus on during last 20 days is Practice. Forget where you have prepared from, all the Author books. Practice the full “Shuchita Scanner” thrice for every paper. Try writing past exam papers to know the level of preparation. You will be able to identify your weak areas and plan a daily mix of study, means do a practical subject, and theory subject in a day so that you won't feel bored. Don’t get distracted. Focus on paper those seem tough to you but also keep in practice strong ones.

Both the courses have their features. These are few parameters you may evaluate the worth in your case:

No. Criteria CMA US CMA India
1. Course Duration 6 months 3 years
2. Examination 2 Exams (with flexibility to design your own date-sheet / exam schedule) 16 Exams- 3 levels of examination
3. Work experience 2 years in finance and accounting 3 year article/training period
4. Weight International credibility, accepted in most parts of the world including India largely accepted in India only
5. Education College education (Graduation Degree) is mandatory and valued while the certification is granted. (You have Seven (7) years to fulfill this requirement, from the result date of clearing both exams) Tends to overlap and substitute college education, so your existing graduation degree will hold no value as far as the certification is concerned.
7. Career ahead If you are a US CMA, you are eligible to work in almost any part of the world in F&A or other internal accounting functions. CMA India, due to its focus on IND AS is naturally restricted within India and only to Indian companies.

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