Become a Story of Opportunities

Choosing to run a franchisee center is choosing the conjugal of contrasts. It entails entrepreneurial ingenuity and also a stringent observance to systems. You must be unique enough to draw attention but simple enough to replicate unit after unit. Franchisees must serve their local community while being part of a national chain. And critically, they must innovate to attract new customers while remaining predictable and reliable enough to keep the old ones happy.


  • Franchisee shall pay one time Rs. 25,000 as non-refundable registration charges.
  • Franchisee shall get 40% fees of every student and the remaining 60% will go to Scanner Classes.
  • Full payment shall be made by the student on the portal of the Franchisor before the beginning of the classes.
  • The Franchisee shall not permit any unauthorized/unpaid student in the class room.
  • The Franchisor shall remit the commission/classroom charges due to the Franchisee by the first week of next calendar month in proportion to the duration of the course.

General Terms

  • The Franchisee shall provide back-up classes to the students for missed classes to the extent of 10% of classes for each student.
  • The Franchisee shall keep sufficient systems/arrangements for providing back-up of classes.
  • The franchisee will have to follow time-to-time update instruction, which is given by the Scanner Classes.

Obligations of Franchisee

  • Online daily reporting to head office (Scanner Classes).
  • Publicizing the courses.
  • The Franchisor reserves the right to carry out any visits to Franchisee.
  • The Franchisor shall conduct audit of franchisee from time to time. The franchisee shall co-operate fully in the conduct of audit and produce all its documents and records before the audit team along with books of account whether manual or computerized and also management information systems application software installed and used by it.
  • The Franchisee shall install camera in each classroom at the direction of the Franchisor and the Franchisor shall have unrestricted access to viewing of classes through such camera at all times.
  • If the camera is not working for any reason whatsoever, the Franchisor has right to stop projection/play of classes immediately.
  • That any attempt to crack/copy such classes shall be an illegal activity and infringement of the Copyright Act 1957.